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COUNTER TOP REFRIGERATORS WITH POSITIVE TEMPERATURE (variable between 0°C and +10°C) The NINE counter top cabinets work all with positive temperature and may be equipped with a large selection of EURO-GASTRONORM EN 631 basins. In the technical notes of each model we inserted some samples of possible combinations. Tecnocrio counter top refrigerators are manufactured in ABS, an highly resistant plastic, light and easy to wash and clean. They were designed with different dimensions in order to be used with by customers with different available space, from small tables to large counters in restaurants or pizza shops.

Tecnocrio refrigerators are particularly suitable for : pizza ingredients salad and vegetables, seasoning and sauces, cold cuts and cheese, mixed hors d’oeuvre and cold buffet fruit and fruit salad, gelato topping and therefore they may be used in pizza shops and restaurants hotels and boarding-houses bar and coffee houses, kebab shops and sandwiches shops , bakeries and confectioneries, pub and tea rooms ice cream and frozen yoghurt shops Tecnocrio counter top refrigerators are particularly suitable for buffet breakfast, aperitif, salads, fruit salads, etc. All counter top cabinets use low noise and low energy compressors (installed on anti-vibration supports) with ECO R 124a refrigerating gas and insulation is provided by ECO foam (without CFC). To start the refrigerator you just need to plug it to the electrics network (usually 230V/50 Hertz). Tecnocrio counter top refrigerators also use copper evaporators, dust or flour filters and all tricks to facilitate a quick maintenance. Tecnocrio, on request, may also deliver all the refrigerators complete with polycarbonate or stainless steel basins, stainless steel supports and transparent display covers (in the description of the counter top cabinets we detailed some of the possible combinations for each model)

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COUNTER TOP FREEZER WITH NEGATIVE TEMPERATURE (variable between 0°C and -22°C) The THREE gelato displays of the GELATISSIMO range may be programmed at different temperatures, depending on the type of product to be preserved. Our counter top freezers are used for: artisanal gelato (ice-cream) industrial ice-cream special flavours ice-cream frozen yoghurt "granita siciliana" sorbets assorted creams Tecnocrio gelato showcases are very compact and versatile, so they may be used for gelaterie (ice-cream parlours) confectioneries restaurants, hotels and boarding-houses bar and coffee houses ceremonies, weddings, birthdays, catering, ecc. and/or all occasions where it is necessary to offer to customers a good ice-cream without purchasing a large display cabinet and avoiding to serve it too hard of with ice flakes. The counter top freezers are complete with a two layer transparent lid to allow for a perfect visibility of the product. All the gelato displays of the "Gelatissimo range" may be shipped, on request, complete with stainless steel pans

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